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Hello and welcome to Find a Wikia! Here, you can find new wikias and communities to join, or tell others about the ones you visit. We currently have 24 articles, and you can make your own!



  • Follow Wikia's Terms of Use. You can read a short version instead.
  • Be brief. Don't drag out an article when you can summarize instead. It's easier to read a few sentences than a multi-section essay!
  • Use good spelling and grammar. This should go without saying. Articles are meant to be read, and poorly written articles reflect poorly on us and the wikia in question!
  • Write articles in English and about English wikias. It's not just that foreign-language wikias can screw up some templates. This is a wikia for finding other wikias; as such, people who can read it will search for information in English and communities that speak it.
  • Be nice to other users. Instead of irritating others, be civil, and constructive at the very least.
  • Add the correct categories! At the very least, each article should have a category based on the hub of its subject wikia. You should also add categories based on the main gist of that wikia's content. If you're creating a new category, make sure that it's useful, and that several wikias will share the description.


  • Do not vandalize articles.
  • Do not exaggerate the negatives of a wikia. You may add valid negative information, such as a wikia needing contributors. However, if you're adding unfounded criticism, or are bringing drama from other wikias, that's no good!
  • Do not add inaccurate information to articles.
  • Do not create articles for wikias that have no reason to exist, that are completely inactive, or that aren't serious. This goes against our purpose of listing communities to join and projects to work on.
  • Do not create duplicate articles. Please search for an existing article about your wikia before creating one!
  • Do not add unnecessary categories.
  • Do not spam for badges. It's okay to work towards achievements, even if you're only trying to make it onto the leaderboard. Just make sure your edits are constructive!

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  • new page Creepypasta Classics Wiki
    created by MinecraftMan1234
    New page: Creepypasta Classics Wiki is a wiki where as the name implies holds classic Creepypastas (e.g Jeff the Killer) that the Creepypasta wiki may or may...
    Summary: made the page
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  • new page Nurdpedia
    created by Hank412
    New page: NURDPEDIA Look at all that FIRE! Information Hub Category: Unknown Founding Year Founded: Founder: ...
  • new page Nontendo
    created by AgentMuffin
    New page: Nontendo Information Hub Category: Games Founding Year Founded: Founder: 2016 AgentMuffin ...
    Added categories: Games Hub, Humor wikias

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  • new page CMCI Wiki
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    New page: Craft Media Cast International Information Hub Category: Gaming Founding Year Founded: Founder: ...
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